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Raptor 3D Laser Scanner (DIY KIT)



The Raptor 3D Laser Scanner is an open-source, do-it-yourself 3D laser scanner powered by Raspberry Pi, Webinterface, Raspberry Pi V2 Cam 8 Megapixel, Power Supply, 2 Line Lasers, Raptor 3D interface board, Stepper Motor controlled turn-table, 8 GB SD Card, Open-Source Firmware.

  • Uses two line lasers and a stepper motor driven turntable for fully automatic 360 degree scans
  • Export point clouds as STL, PLY and XYZ
  • Completely open-source DIY project
  • No driver or scan software needed on your PC
  • Scanned model can be used as-is or can be made print ready using software packages such as Meshlab
  • Easy to use: 3D scan your objects using a web browser and download the generated STL, PLY or XYZ file. There is no driver or other software required on your PC. Generated objects can be used as-is or taken for post production by using a software package as Meshlab. The Raptor 3D scanner parameter set is fully available via the web interface. All mechanical settings, delays, scan resolution (1.2, 1.9 and 5 Megapixel), using the left or right or both lasers, scanning in 360 degree or less degrees can be changed by the user.


Please note: this is an experimental DIY Kit, and not an assembled unit. Assembly requires soldering, stripping of cables, technical skills and patience. Raptor 3D Scanner fully assembled within +- 2 hours.

Raptor 3D scanner Tech specs

  • Web interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • Sensor: 8 Megapixel
  • Detail resolution: 0.25 mm
  • Two line laser: Wavelength 650nm
  • Color support: yes
  • 360° from single scan: yes
  • Diameter turn-table: 150 mm
  • Scan volume: 15 cm x 20 cm
  • Scan speed: 12+ minutes (depends upon detail)
  • Steps per rotation: Up to 320


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Weight 6 kg